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Kerry Wedding DVDs

Splendid wedding of Katie & Brett at the magnificent Ballyseede Castle Tralee

Other Wedding Videos in Co. Kerry

Michelle & Barry

Malton Hotel, Killarney

Michelle & Barry's Wedding Video from Malton Hotel, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Karen & Keith

Ballyseede Castle, Tralee

Karen & Keith's Wedding Video from Ballyseede Castle, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Angela & Alan

Ballygarry House Hotel, Tralee

Angela & Alan's Wedding Video from Ballygarry House Hotel, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Katrina & Martin

Beaufort Church

Katrina & Martin's Wedding Video from Beaufort Church, Beaufort, Co. Kerry

Veronica & Jamie

Parknasilla, Sneem

Veronica & Jamie's Wedding Video from Parknasilla, Sneem, Co. Kerry

Catherine & Michael

The Meadowlands Hotel, Tralee

Catherine & Michael's Wedding Video from The Meadowlands Hotel, Tralee, Co. Kerry
“Love is not measured by how many times you touch each other, but by how many times you reach each other”


Vincent & Sinead

Malton Hotel, Killarney

Vincent & Sinead's Wedding Video from Malton Hotel, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Laura & Andrew

Brehon Hotel, Killarney

Laura & Andrew's Wedding Video from Brehon Hotel, Killarney, Co. Kerry